Smart Vision - Division PR Hero

Traditionally, PR is all about placing your message/news/product in the (traditional) media. As an active and flexible agency which keeps pace with the constantly changing world, we know that PR is so much more – it has evolved and become more integrated in the overall marketing and communications of a company. Our strategic and functional solutions include both the traditional approach and online tools and all the riches of the new media, a combination which guarantees the most efficient communication.

As our first passion, the public relations are still one of the most important aspects of our work. The service we will provide to you is complete, precise and it hits the target, no matter if it’s in Serbia or anywhere else in the region. We also believe that PR must be energetic and creative and that it functions best when it contains all segments we are offering:

  • Creating a database of journalists for a specific area
  • Regularly updating the key media database
  • Localization of press releases and news (translation, proofreading…)
  • Distribution of press releases, including follow-up and clip reports
  • Local contact person for cooperation with journalists
  • Media follow-up
  • Managing the product testing process

How do we do all this? This is how: we create and distribute the contents which is considered to be relevant by the journalists and the public, we follow its impact in the media and analyze the results, we prepare effective material which is always new and unique, we plan classic advertising campaigns, digital strategy and social networks content in a way which supplements our PR strategy.

As a member of the GlobalCom PR Network from 2011, we have been covering international projects working together with partner agencies from around the world.