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PR trends 2020.

January 5th, 2020|

Panta rei – Everything is flowing, everything is changing – this is important fact to keep in mind. The key to personal and business success is to adapt to constant change. Some of them can surprise us, for others we can prepare in advance. Listening trends in our industry is one of our way to change and this year turn into victory.

  • Specialization
    A deep understanding of the client industry in 2020 becomes one of the key elements in the decision to hire a PR agency. The reason behind this thinking is the perception of the PR agency as a partner, which thanks to expertise, can greatly contribute to the strategic approach and appearance of the company. Therefore, agencies around the world tend to specialize and even focus entirely on one industry.
  • PR as part of strategic marketing campaigns
    With greater specialization, PR becomes more integrated with marketing, so PR is predicted to play a more significant role in marketing strategies in the future. What does this mean and what changes it brings to PR professionals? In the past, it was marketing teams who conceptualized campaigns and sent ready strategies to PR for implementation. PR teams are now expected to be more involved in the strategic process.
  • Content focused on emotions
    Experts in the area of PR will be focused on content creation and aim directly at engaging individuals. Incorporating multiple content strategies / content writing expertise into PR teams is one-way agencies will maximize creativity and maximum impact.
  • Listed articles – a way to get attention
    Long texts can no longer hold readers’ attention. This that we have been noticing in the media for several years, but this year is becoming more dominant than ever. Articles in the form of list (just like the one you read) are informative, short and simple, which is something appreciated by modern readers.
  • Creative use of new technologies
    Altered and virtual reality (AR and VR) bring a new way of representing brands and conveying a wide range of key messages. Therefore, communication experts are devising the best and most creative ways to take advantage of emerging technology.