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Make Your Own Smart Home Office

March 20th, 2020|

In some way reluctantly, but aware of the necessity to do so, we have temporarily left our Smart Vision office, a place of dedicated work on our clients’ projects, place for celebrations, lunch arrangements, good music (and some newly composed songs due to autoplay  😀 ). Still, the positive Smart Vision spirit has been carried out to one warehouse and 30 home offices.

Organization in the state of the emergency is never an easy task. But with constructive conversation and team atmosphere, it can be arranged too. Below, we are sharing the tips that were our guidance, but also conclusions drawn from our experience.

  1. There are no strict rules – It is important to be flexible
    Fortune magazine describes current situation as the largest social experiment on remote working. If we look at it that way, it is important to know that every participant of this experiment will have its way and pace of work. We must have in mind that each of our colleagues is currently juggling with its private and business obligations. And that’s just fine. It makes us understand all small reply delays, and that is why our current offices are full of new little coworkers. Who knows, maybe our work from home encourages them to become marketing experts, influencers or designers when they grow up.
  1. Tools that suit your needs
    Communication must go on. The only difference is that we rely more on technology in this occasion. Luckily, there are a lot of apps to make work from home easier. We have tried some of these services, and each team has decided which suit them best. You can read more in our next blog post.
  1. Organize your workspace
    As in the office itself, at home everyone must follow the well-known guidelines: keep your desk clean and organized in a way that contributes to your productivity. It can also be decorated with details that will cheer you up and motivate you. We packed some of those little things along with our laptops and brought them homes.
  1. Create your own business corner
    Pick one room for the job activities. Even if you have many other commitments, do not bring them into this business environment. Don’t dine at the desk and walk often. This way you will be more productive, you will have clearer boundaries and a picture of what role you play in which space, and there will be no problems with sitting longer.
  1. We are not just coworkers, we are friends as well
    This may sound as cliché, but it’s a fact. When organizing daily working tasks from home, this should not be forgotten. That is why we still share our internal jokes, that is why we are interested in TV math classes of our colleagues’ kids, and why we start Zoom meetings by asking: “How are you?”