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GlobalCom PR Network Annual Meeting, Crete 2019

June 20th, 2019|

Spring has given us a nice reason to go to Greece. The gathering of our partners from the GlobalCom PR Network this time was held in Crete. The Annual Global Com PR conference brought to us a dense schedule of activities, but also a leisure time during which we enjoyed the sea, traditional food and conversations.

This time, the agenda featured lectures on challenging industries which will expand in the years to come. The lecture on Fintech was followed by an interesting case study on a promotional campaign for 5G networks, and presentation on the development of artificial intelligence and the impact it can have on humanity in general, but also on marketing as an industry.

We met new members of the network and, through a series of meetings, devised ways to improve the group’s business.

In the evening, the white board, projector and conference room were replaced by music, typical Greek specialties and conversations with colleagues.

A detailed report from this set is available on the GlobalCom PR Network website.