Colleagues from the Marketing Network have focused this year on an important question, both in organizing this year’s CACTUS festival and in preparing their annual ADBOOKA publication. The crucial question of “Collab or Collapse?” was posed to experts in the field of marketing and communication, to highlight the strength and potential of collaboration and networking.

Boldness and daring help you stand out in a world full of ideas, but collegiality is key. Fortunately, we have a recipe for being on the same side, not opposed, to other agencies, and we can boast of excellent collaborations both within the GlobalComm worldwide PR agency network to which we belong and outside of it.

To find out how our agency responds to this theme, you can learn from an interview with our Communications Director and co-owner of Smart Vision agency, Bojana Stanković. In addition to this topic, she reflects on some outstanding campaigns signed by various agencies in the region, as well as addressing questions such as how Generation Z has redefined the concept of a “rockstar.” How to find the top 5% of talent in the industry? Is it more profitable today to hire a “rockstar” or build a “rock band“? Is there a shift in generations – Young talents vs. experienced professionals in the industry?

This written conversation concludes that success lies in a combination of courage, collegiality, and the ability to adapt to new trends and generations.