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5G Network from PR Point of View

July 10th, 2020|

Technological innovations are often followed by slightly negative public perception. In some way resistance toward novelties always existed. Rapid development of technological inventions in today’s world caused not so favorable perception of the 5G network and its safety. Therefore, it is not surprising that the opponents of the 5G network organized a movement against it that turned into a global protest on 25 January 2020, or that the coronavirus conspiracy theories are related to 5G.

PR experts are facing a challenging task caused by skepticism and fears. How to introduce innovations and devices based on 5G network? Like every communication in crisis, fully transparent and open approach is needed.

Articles with the views of experts in the field can be considered as one of the most important steps, taking into consideration that its key goal is to educate the readers. Knowledge has the power to overcome fears so some media outlets seek to educate the population. This, for example, refers to BBC, which provides basic information, including definition of the 5G network. Media can also go one step further and provide not just basic, but detailed data including:

  • Comparation between 3G, 4G and 5G technologies
  • Studies about the effects of 5G technology on health

Examples of use also have a positive impact on perception. That is why it is recommended to share stories about the cities, institutions or states that already have active 5G network. Though skeptics always speculate about the negative things that 5G technology can lead to, there are so many examples presenting 5G in a positive light. They show how it will provide breakthroughs in the development of autonomous cars and AI based video surveillance, as well as remote surgeries thanks to specialized instruments.